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Released to commemorate the Centenary of the end of the First World War, this bespoke book features eight full colour First World War recruitment posters with detailed information for each design.

Written by curators at the Imperial War Museum, ‘Your Country Needs You!: The Posters of the First World War’ brings together these exemplary works by artists such as Lucy Kemp-Welch, Arthur Wardle, E J Kealey, Savile Lumley and Alfred Leete. Each artist had a unique approach to appeal to their viewers, from stirring up patriotic fervour, promising great adventure or reinforcing social pressures.

The book captures a fascinating insight into the minds of the ordinary men and women who answered the call leaving behind their homes and families to serve their country on land, by sea and in the air.

I would like to order my "Your Country Needs You: The Posters of the First World War" book for only £19.95.